General Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + X : Cut the selection

Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Ins : Copy the selection

Ctrl + V or Shift + Ins : Paste the selection

Ctrl + Z : Undo the last action

F2 : Rename the selected

Alt + Enter : Display the Properties for the selected item

Alt + Spacebar : Show the quick menu for the active window

Ctrl + F4 : Close the active tab or document

Ctrl + A : Select all items or content in the window

Ctrl + D or Del : Delete the selected item into the Recycle Bin

Ctrl + Y : Redo the last undo-ed action

Ctrl + Shift + Esc : Open Task Manager

Shift + Del : Delete the selected item directly without first sending it to the Recycle Bin

Esc : Stop or abandon the current task

File Explorer keyboard shortcuts

Alt + D or F4 : Select the address bar

Ctrl + E or Ctrl + F or F3 : Select the search box

Ctrl + N : Open a new window

Ctrl + W : Close the current window

Ctrl + Mouse scroll : Change the size and appearance of icons

End : Scroll to the bottom of the current window

Home : Scroll to the top of the current window

F11 : Maximize or minimize the current window

Windows Key keyboard shortcuts

Win or Ctrl + Esc : Open or close the Start menu

Win + A : Open the Action center

Win + D : Show or hide the desktop

Win + I : Open the Settings app

Win + L : Lock your PC or switch user accounts

Win + R Launch the Run tool

Win + + : Zoom in using the Magnifier

Win + – : Zoom out using the Magnifier

Win + Esc : Exit the Magnifier

Dialog Box keyboard shortcuts

F4 : Show the items in the active list

Tab : Move forward through options

Spacebar : Click or select an active button, or select or clear an active check box

Backspace : Go to the parent folder if it’s selected in the Open or Save As dialog box

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